Foundation Dinners

Mailing Address

1000 West Fifth Avenue
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
The Foundation Dinners is a Gospel-driven agency. We understand that people can be victims of a sub-culture that denies them of the financial and family security that most of us enjoy. These victims do not deserve to live a deprived and depraved lifestyle. Jesus continually addressed the needs of these cultural victims throughout His own life experiences and teachings. The Foundation Dinners and Shelters has and wants to continue to offer this community's institutions the opportunity to respond to the needs of these victims. Our mission is two-fold: 1. Give opportunity to Gospel believers to worship God through serving the suffering; 2. Relieve human suffering in our community.
Wants & Needs for Shelter and Dinner Programs
Their immediate needs are, in order of their importance:
1. Caring volunteers to help in our shelter.
2. Financial donations to help us pay the bills.
3. Milk for our Dinner Program.
4. Nine inch foam plates
5. Detergent for dishes...bleach for rinse.
6. Six inch foam saucers.
7. Disposable salt and pepper shakers.
8. Disposable razors and shampoo.
9. Cookies, cakes, desserts.
10. Milk for our shelter program.
The residents are offered a breakfast of cereal and coffee every morning. This is a serious need.